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One Quiet Afternoon
Sitting on a grassy hill
With the breezes fairly still
I stare up at the peaceful sky
The clouds are going where they will
I hear a noise and sit upright
I turn around to see a sight
A little creature brown and gray
Looks down at me from her perched height
Silently she looks at me
This little creature wild and free
I reach out for my peanut jar
As she starts climbing down the tree
Quietly I sit and wait
As she comes at a careful gait
I hold a peanut in my hand
She chatters as if to berate
She stretches up to quietly stand
She makes a jump to gently land
And then the dear sweet fuzzy squirrel
Takes the peanut from my hand
(c) "Amalthea Celebras"  K.C. Fahel   12 July 1991