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I Believe...
    I believe in magic:  
 The magic in a certain smile
 The power of a loving touch
 The miracle of knowing that
 The one you love loves you so much
    I believe in fantasy: 
 The fantasy of dreams come true
 The wonder of a life-long quest
 The mystery of discovery
 Adventure, fun and all the rest 
    I believe in dreams: 
 The dreams of happiness and hope
 The knowing feeling of content
 The destiny of you and yours
 That for each other you were meant
    I believe in the unbelievable: 
 The things that other people shrug
 And pass away as childish things
 Are things that make me come alive
 I love when nothing's as it seems
    I believe:  
 There's magic if you want it so
 Fantasy where flowers bloom
 Dreams in each successful day
 Open your heart and give them room
 (c) "Amalthea Celebras"  K.C. Fahel  6 February 1992