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 The Champions of the Modern Age
(In memory of Alan, Davey, and the rest)
They race around on iron steeds
As fast as autumn wind they fly
They know the dangers in their lives
But they will never question why
As they compete for number one
They donít forget what lies in store
When they have passed the black and white
As they fight for the higher score
They have their loved ones waiting there
The families that they hold dear
The friends who might to others seem
Like foes when competitionís near
The rivalry so fierce and strong
Is like an act when all is done
To entertain us with their skill
Means just as much as who has won
These champions of modern age
Whether they stay or depart
The race car drivers, teams and cars
Will always survive in our hearts
(c) "Amalthea Celebras" K.C. Fahel  2 August 1993