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With this poem, we have added something a little different.
Karen had turned it into a song.  To hear the song, click the button below.

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Shiny Christmas

An old steam radiator for a fireplace
The stockings hung above it old and worn
The tinsel on the tattered three-foot Christmas tree
Was sparkling and new when she was born

 Times are tough and things are tight this Christmas Eve
She looked outside the window for a prayer
The star that led the Kings shone and she made a wish
Her eyes shut tight to send her wish out there

 She goes to bed and dreams of Shiny Christmas
The ornaments and bows all gaily set
And as she tossed and turned a sense of peace descends
As she dreams of the best Christmas yet

She dreams about her friends and of her family
She dreams about the comfort of her home
She dreams about the Baby who gave us this day
And she feels she will never be alone

The morning comes and she wakes up on Christmas Day
She sees her little tree seems firm and tall
She sees her loved ones gathered and she gives a smile
She got her Shiny Christmas after all

The magic of the season came in answer to her call
She got her Shiny Christmas after all

(c) "Amalthea Celebras"  K.C. Fahel  1997