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Life is My Traveling Companion
I watch the sunrise shining
At the start of the new day
I listen to the singing birds
As they fly on their way
The flowers bloom with silent joy
I smell their perfumes fine
I'm on a never-ending trail
These wonders are all mine
I touch a million people
With a word, a thought, a smile
Time marks my journey's landmarks
Each day could be a mile
No matter what they think of me
My optimism shines
My unblazed trail is still ahead
There are no guiding signs
I take each step with confidence
I'm sure of where I go
Just where my travels may end up
No one will ever know
Life is my traveling companion
Time is my road and guide
Happiness and hope will be
Forever by my side
 (c) "Amalthea Celebras"  K.C. Fahel   9 October 1991