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Forever 21
I have a picture in my mind
So very clear and true
I look upon it often
The picture is of you
I see your face so tanned and strong
Your eyes so brown and deep
Your smile so bright and sunny
This picture that I keep
I see you standing near a tree
Or sitting in a chair
But one way or the other
It's you that's always there
I look at it and I recall
When you were here with me
With all the hugs and laughter
The closeness there would be
Tho you're not here my picture is
As constant as the sun
And that's how I remember you
Forever 21
 (c) "Amalthea Celebras",  K.C. Fahel  18 January 1995
Peter Joseph Coutermarsh
9/21/72 - 7/29/94