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That Christmas Eve Feeling
A gentle snowfall soft and white
Covers all the ground
The charolers go house to house
And make a joyous sound
That day as we came home from church
And went about our day
There is a feeling in the air
We wish all year would stay
There is a sense of wonderment
Of peace among mankind
A restful happy sense of hope
And cares are left behind
The kids are trying to be good
'Cause they know they will see
The reward that being good will bring
Beneath the Christmas Tree
That night we have hot cocoa
In nightclothes warm and clean 
Sitting by the lighted tree
A cozy Christmas scene
And then to bed; the lights go out
And as we fall asleep
That Christmas Eve Feeling is
One we wish we could keep
(c)"Amalthea Celebras" K.C. Fahel 26 October 1999