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The Final Race
He'd reached the age of 59
Much older and more wise
Than first he put on driving gloves
To try and win the prize
For thirty-some-odd years he has
Gone at the deadly pace
And although close so many times
He'd never won a race
His mind was set that once this race
Was done he would retire
'Tho he still loved the sport he just
No longer felt the fire
His wife and his three grown-up kids
All loved him and they'd say
He'd always be their Champion
Whether he'd go or stay
His final first green flag was waived
He caught up with the crowd
His own deep thoughts drowned out the fans
Although their cheers were loud
He rode on through ten cautions and
Just as he thought he'd sag
As tears rolled down his weathered face
He took the checkered flag
 (c) "Amalthea Celebras"  K.C. Fahel  24 February 1997