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Helping Hand

When you see someone in a bind
And don't think they can make a stand
Don't simply stare or look away
Its good to give a helping hand

'Tho easier just to ignore
When a stranger is in need
The feeling that you will receive
When you help out is great indeed

The good deed done can be quite small
Or somewhat more when times get tough
Just the thought that you did right
Where others failed is thanks enough

Onlookers may think you are strange
Or even laugh as you give aid
Don't let them still the helping hand
Continue on; don't be afraid

You don't need payment for good deeds
Just give a smile when you are through
Who knows: someday you'll look to see
The helping hand come back to you

 (c) "Amalthea Celebras"  K.C. Fahel  10 August 1995