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Feeling blue?  Down in the dumps?  All alone?
 Well, listen to this...
 You are not alone.
 You have a friend.
 There is someone who is HERE for you.
'There is someone
who is thinking about you
and wishing you the very best life has to offer.
There is someone
who wants to put a smile on your face
and a song in your heart.
There is someone who cares enough about you
to send you this page.
Who is this someone?
You do not have to send this page back to me,
as I know that you care
about me as much as I care about you.
You also don't have to send this page to anyone else
...unless there is someone else
who you feel needs it.
There is no fortune or luck attached to this page.
 It doesn't matter how many people
you sent it to.
Just know that you are a friend,
that you HAVE a friend,
and that you are loved.
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