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Wandering in a Magic Land

It was a time of fantasy, a place of magic majesty
With sapphire skies and emerald land and wonder filled the air
A lady young and fancy-free was wandering about to see
Discoveries which no one else would even try to dare
She came across a castle grand where crystal towers proudly stand
And silver trim and golden roof and gemstones in the door

As she approached she heard a voice so soft and sweet she had no choice
But listening she felt a chill of happiness and more
She turned and looked and saw a sight, standing bathed in golden light
A Unicorn with silk-white fur and silver spiraled horn
The Unicorn sang light and high, the girl moved closer with a sigh
Then suddenly the creature stopped and looked a bit forlorn

The girl reached out; the creature fled and disappeared further ahead
The girl had turned around and then the castle disappeared

The girl started to run in chase and branches lightly slapped her face
And then she woke up from her dream exactly as she feared

(c) "Amalthea Celebras" K.C. Fahel 5 June 1992