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   New Year's Reflections
    In New York City people crowd
    To watch the lighted ball descend
    They count the seconds all as one
    To mark another yearly end

    As people cheer and dance about
    We all reflect on what has passed
    What has gone on in daily lives
    Around this planet wide and vast
    The miracles both great and small
    New friendships made and old ones kept
    The loved ones gone and still around
    Joyous laughter, sadness wept
    The little things that brought a smile
    The great events in distant lands
    Small victories both won and lost
    The kisses, hugs and holding hands
    Another year has come and gone
    Another Auld Lang Syne is sung
    The ball descends, the clock chimes 12
    A brand new year has now begun
      (c) "Amalthea Celebras"   K.C. Fahel   December 31, 1991