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My Special Resting Place
I have a special resting place
That's very dear to me
Out in the forest calm and deep
Beneath the mountains' watchful keep
And near the shining sea
A tiny house is hidden there
That's made of straw and wood
An open window on each side
A doorway always open wide
And feelings always good
My garden is most colorful
And always in full bloom
When friends and family come around
I welcome them with joyous sound
And there is always room
There's always many animals
That come around to play
The cats and mice play hide-and-seek
The birds and deer come 'round to peek
And unicorns will stay
This is my special resting place
That's in my mind, you see
I close my eyes to get me there
Relax, sit back, forget my care
And make time to just be
 (c)  "Amalthea Celebras"  K.C. Fahel  22 January 1992