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Two White Ponies
There once were two white ponies
And they would often hear
About how much they looked alike
From others far and near
They thought that this was silly
And they would often say
"How can you say we are like?
We're just like night and day!"
For even though they seemed the same
They did not feel that way
For one had longer ears and tail
And loved to dance and play
The other one was quieter
And she was taller, too
Her eyes were larger than her twin's
And they're a deeper blue
One day they said, "Why should we care
What other people feel?
We know, tho they think we're alike
Our differences are real!"
They carried on this simple thought
And soon others would see
Even though they seemed alike
How different they could be
And now the two white ponies
Are happy for each other
They know that it's OK to be
One different from another
(c) "Amalthea Celebras"  K.C. Fahel  10 June 1988