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The Gray Pony
Once upon a rainbow's end beyond the magic seas
There was a hidden forest with tall, majestic trees
A little pony lived in there, her fur a speckled gray
She seemed to be so discontent and she would often say
I wish I were a Unicorn!  That was her biggest dream
She'd think about it all the day and through sleep, it would seem
She'd seen the Unicorn about while strolling thru the day
All animals would look at her, they'd stop their work and play
With fur as white as summer clouds, her movements quick and light
Her eyes with wisdom deep and clear, her silver horn moonlight
One day the pony came up with a simple, wondrous plan
She'd dress up like the Unicorn and feel her great command
She rolled herself in salty sand to lighten up her gray
She found a grayish-silver branch, with twine she made it stay
She walked about with clumsy grace, her head held towards the sky
She cried, Now everyone take note!  The Unicorn am I!
The animals all giggled and back to their tasks they'd go
The pony was ashamed and sad, away she ambled slow
But at one point she raised her head; the Unicorn was there
The mighty queen was smiling sweet, her voice like springtime air
My dear, sweet little pony, you needn't be like me
You don't know just how wonderful and lovely you can be
Please wash your coat of salty sand and let your soft gray show
Take off your silly, crooked branch; you need it not, you know
You're lovely just the way you are, just let everyone see
Of what a smart and pretty one you know yourself to be
The pony thought about the words, the source she knew was true
The cloud on her expression cleared; the sunshine came right through
The happy pony thanked the queen; The words she kept to heart
From that day on she'd be herself and happiness would start
(c) "Amalthea Celebras" K.C. Fahel 22 May 1995