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The Rose
Their petals soft as velvet new
Their scent a wonder to behold
Their vibrant colors please the eye
From blushing pink to yellow gold
When but a bud they seem so sweet
As fragile as a china doll
They hold the dew with loving care
And all the time it seems so small
But when it blooms and shows itself
So strong yet gentle even still
The burst of colored loveliness
No one could ever get their fill
They say so many different things
From vows renewed to passion deep
They say welcome or say farewell
And secrets they will always keep
The flow'r of romance told in tales
Just like love their beauty flows
Their prickly thorns protect and guard
The endless legend of the rose
(c) "Amalthea Celebras"  K.C. Fahel  20 August 1991