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Silver and Gold
To live a life of wonderment
With riches lovely to behold
Just realize that all around
You will find true silver and gold
The brilliant glow of golden light
The emeralds of grasses green
The rubies, amethysts and jade
Of gardens and the flowers seen
The silken lace of summer clouds
As they float through the satin sky
The beauty and the untold wealth
As golden sunlight flashes by
The silver shine of moonlit nights
The glittering stars like diamonds clear
On velvet black of nighttime skies
So far and yet they seem so near
The brilliance of the daytime gems
Take on a softer, polished gleam
'Tho not as bright they sparkle still
When subdued by night's silver beam
 With Nature's riches all around
They always are a lovely sight
Nothing finer can there be
Gold and silver; day and night
 (c) "Amalthea Celebras"  K.C. Fahel  10 April 1996