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Simple Things
We don't live in a mansion
We don't eat caviar
We don't wear finest silks and furs
Or drive a fancy car
We do not buy State-of-the-Art
We don't go to Cancun
We don't own rising Stocks or Bonds
We do not want the moon
We live together in a home
That's homey, small and neat
We're comfortable in jeans and shirts
With sneakers on our feet
He rides a motorcycle
And I ride on the back
We like hamburgers, chicken fried
And hot dogs for a snack
Our stereo and TV are
Basic and work all right
We take vacations with our cats
At home some Friday night
We like our living simple
The things we have are fine
I feel like I have everything
Just knowing he is mine
(c) "Amalthea Celebras"  K.C. Fahel   25 June 1992